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marketing collateral

first impressions matter


When you hand a client, prospect, or a potential strategic partner your business card, brochure, flyer, or note card, you are putting your brand right in their hands. You have an opportunity to make an impression through touch that is not always possible when connecting online.

You only have one opportunity to make a lasting first impression & you don’t want to risk it being a poor one due to unprofessional marketing pieces, or by confusing your audience with items that make it look like you're promoting completely different companies.


Each and every piece of branded marketing material, whether it is online or offline, should represent your brand, your promise, and your value authentically and consistently. 

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An excellent way to bring your new brand to life is through cohesively & beautifully designed digital or print material.  Options include but are not limited to:

Packaging design

Business cards

Social media graphics

Facebook ads

Flyers or print ads

Presentations (PowerPoint & Keynote)

Pinterest graphics

Letterhead design

Label or tag design

Invitations or Pamphlets

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