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UX Case Study


UX/UI Designer / Personal


2 weeks


Figma, Balsamiq




Localite is a location-based mobile app concept for finding and supporting small businesses.

Localite is an effective and efficient application that aims to educate about the importance of eating, shopping and supporting everything local, no matter where you are. Localite users are those who want to support local artisans, vendors, restaurants and more.


Users don't have a quick way to support local businesses. 

Small businesses are an essential part of our communities. They provide opportunities for entrepreneurs by driving innovation and competitiveness, along with creating meaningful jobs for their workers. Overall, small businesses help keep money within a community. With that said, small businesses face stiff competition from big-box chain stores and online retailers, which usually offer lower prices and a more extensive selection. Even with Amazon being in the palm of every consumer’s hand, many consumers still choose to, and believe, in shopping locally. 

The main question I continued to ask myself and users throughout this project was, can an app that is strictly used to list small businesses improve the effectiveness of consumers that are wanting to locate and support them?


This platform was created to take into account all of the issues that have arisen by consumers when trying to support locally. We want to deliver a convenient and enjoyable search experience for users, while increasing the customer reach and market share for local businesses. With the Localite app, users will be able to conveniently locate businesses, share findings and save money with discounts.

The Design Process


User Survey

I conducted a user survey to gain user insight on my overarching question. To reach a larger audience, I designed a 10-question survey and sent it to a wide variety of friends, family and others (with most individuals being between the ages of 25-34). These individuals matched the target user profile; individuals who would most likely be interested in supporting small business on a weekly basis. 

I received 14 responses:

  • 92% said they care (either strongly or pretty strongly) about personally supporting small businesses.

  • 42% said they try to support small businesses weekly. 28% said they try to support small businesses daily. Only 7% said they never try to support small businesses.

  • 100% said they are most interested in supporting restaurants. Other types of businesses include cafes, antique/ art stores, clothing stores, pet stores, gyms, hair salons/barber shops, gift shops and farmers markets.

  • 35% said they use Google primarily to help support/shop small businesses. 35% said they use social media platforms (ex: Instagram and Facebook). 14% said they use credit card companies (ex: Amex). 

  • 46% use Yelp for small business recommendations on a bi-weekly basis. 30% said they use it weekly. 15% said they use it monthly.

  • 76% said they are interested in supporting small businesses when traveling. 23% said only sometimes are they interested.

  • 84% said they are interested in receiving rewards and coupons while shopping at a small business. 15% said they were indifferent.

  • 57% said maybe someday they were likely to donate to a small business. 35% said they were likely to donate.


Based on the user research I set up three personas. I referred to them throughout the entire product development process.

  • Each persona had a scenario that identified a realistic goal the user might have when working with this app.

  • The information about each persona focused on its goals and frustrations with the product as well as their interaction with it, which drastically affected my design decisions.


Graphic Design & Illustrations

 yello bird


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