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Hi! 👋

I'm Kaitlin, a Product Designer in South Florida.

Currently solving business problems for Disney


2022 – 2024 ✨

Reimagining Walt Disney World's Profile Space

Evolving Disney's profile space, while bringing Child Accounts to life.

*Password Protected


2021 – 2022

Standardize & streamline alerts with Balto

Optimizing and improving Real-Time Coaching's alert management process for Enterprise customers.


2021 – 2022

Gamify the Call Center with Balto

Designing a gamified experience that reinforces learning and incentivizes agents for good behaviors.


2019 – 2021

Quote, sell & fulfill faster with Skutally

Designing all aspects of the Commerce platform–focusing on how we could best prevent user error and shorten processes, starting with the sales order.



Discover & connect with Localite

Designing an all-in-one app for small business enthusiasts to help increase customer engagement.

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Kind Words ✨

Screen Shot 2024-02-12 at

Nick Brill

Design Manager @ Disney

"Kaitlin is a joy to work with, & is the gold standard for Figma Design. She sets the Figma standard consistently for her working team, by providing feedback on how to be efficient with their designs. She is collaborative with stakeholders to get the best product & gives and receives feedback from other designers respectfully and professionally. The details matter to Kaitlin, as she goes above and beyond to fully understand the system and ensure that all the details of her design align and benefit the user and the business."

Screen Shot 2024-02-12 at 8.33.18 PM.png

Kaylin Kudla

Design Lead @ Disney

"Having Kaitlin on your team is like having a secret weapon of mass creation. I've seen first-hand how her strong design sense, friendly approach & stellar communication skills transformed our projects. She has a rare talent for making well-thought-out designs at lightning speed & making complex tasks seem like a walk in the park. Her ability to communicate clearly & effectively makes her the perfect liaison between all stakeholders. Trust me, if you're lucky enough to snag Kaitlin for your team, you'll wonder how you ever survived without her."

Screen Shot 2024-02-12 at

Jan Sarah Sink

Product Manager @ Disney

"I've had the pleasure of working with Kaitlin closely over the past two years; delivering streamlined & simplified UX/UI to incredibly complex systems. Throughout our collaboration, Kaitlin consistently impressed me with her creativity, resourcefulness, organization, professionalism, & ability to deliver exceptional results. She has a keen eye for detail & a deep understanding of design principles, which is evident in her work. She often provides multiple high-level mock-up options for discussion when given product requirements and is always open to direction & feedback."

A little bit about me



Coffees drank


Components created


Pictures painted

📍 Fort Lauderdale, FL

🎨 Artist

✈️ Traveller

I'm originally from Arizona, but based in Florida now-a-days. I am highly motivated by the world around me and my experiences growing up internationally (army brat 🙋‍♀️). My passions include traveling, staying active either outside or in the gym, and connecting with friends.

I went to school for Computer Animation and shortly after, began freelancing as a Graphic Designer where I learned to appreciate the visual representation and business applications of design work. Fast forward to today as a Product Designer, I aim to innovate, scale and deliver value to products based on user feedback and needs by putting myself in the user's shoes.


Thanks for stopping by :)

Have questions or an opportunity you'd like to discuss with me?

Made with ♡ in Fort Lauderdale, FL

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