Using design to influence              
how everything works.


Currently solving business problems for a technology start-up.


Quote, sell & fulfill faster with Skutally

As the sole Product Designer, I am responsible for designing all aspects of our Commerce platform - focusing on how we can best prevent user error and shorten processes, starting with the  sales order.


Discover & connect with Localite

Designing an all-in-one app for small business enthusiasts to help increase customer engagement.


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Made with 🖤 in Fort Lauderdale, FL


Hi, I'm Kaitlin!



Coffees drank


Components created


Pictures painted

Although an artist at heart, I have developed my skills over the years to design for the digital world. I went to school for Computer Animation and shortly after, began freelancing as a Graphic Designer where I learned to appreciate the visual representation and business applications of design work.


Now as a Product Designer, I aim to innovate, scale and deliver value to products based on user feedback and needs by putting myself in the user's shoes.

I'm originally from Arizona but planted my roots in South Florida a few years ago. When I'm not on my computer, you can find me outside, soaking up the fresh air. 🎨 🏖 ☀️

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