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Comprehensive Recovery  Solutions

CRS is a woman owned and newly incorporated entity planning to open an outpatient treatment facility focused on providing integrated, patient-centered services to those struggling with co-occurring disorders.
We designed a logo & brand identify to match the caregiving founder.

Cristina Frisby | Comprehensive Recovery Solutions

"It is my obligation to let you know why you have to at least have one planning session with these ladies! While they present as such sweet "down home" type of gals, they are extremely passionate and detail oriented. I was initially working with them based on my liking their energy and warmth and I was extremely pleasantly surprised after each meeting we had. I love how much thought they put into what appears as the smallest of details and my absolute favorite part of working with them is that they respect that I am hiring them for their creativity and if I knew what I wanted I would do it myself! :) They walked me through various assessments to gain the best understanding of what I was looking for, and although my heart knew the beat, I had no ideas nor words to put it into action. I have no doubt that these ladies will invite you with warmth and you will complete project(s) feeling as though you have created lifetime bonds or friends."

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