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“Researchers have discovered that people only remember about 10% of the information marketers show them.  But when that information is paired with visuals, that number jumps to 65%.” 


– Brain Rules by John Medina

vector illustrations

digital + acrylyc paintings

frequently asked questions

How will custom illustrations & graphics benefit my business?


Custom illustrations are one way to strengthen and add value to your brand.  Make your business stand out while others use generic stock imagery.  


Your custom illustration will:

1.  Be a direct reflection of your business and brand

2.  Help represent a complex idea or convey an intended message

3.  Assist in attracting potential clients & customers

4.  Last but not'll look great!

What programs do you use?


For painting people, pets, & props, our artist uses Adobe Photoshop primarily.  We also use Adobe Illustrator to create and convert images into vectors - points, lines, and shapes that can be scaled infinitely, without any loss of quality.

What is the price range for custom illustrations?


It varies based on the type of project - some are more complex, needing more time to strategize & conduct research (like infographics).  On our contact​ page, you can select "vectors & illustrations" in the services menu & enter in additional information that would help us provide you with a custom quote. 


How will I receive the final artwork & what types of files can I expect?


Since everything is done digitally (unless otherwise requested), we will provide a link to a shared Dropbox folder with either a .jpg, .png, or .pdf file type.  

What if I don't like the end result?


We know that this is a common fear but we have a specific process in place and will share our sketches throughout the initial stages.  Both our illustrator and designer work very closely together to make sure the drafts are going in the desired direction, ending with a product you'll love.  We view custom work as a collaborative process so we'll ask for your feedback as the project progresses.

have more questions?  just ask!

Colin Brothers | Vector Art 

"I own an outdoor mural company so I deal with different types of people every day. It is demanding on the front end & the client needs to see exactly what the end product will be. Kait at Yello Bird executed my ideas better than I envisioned them. Prompt & professional was my experience with Yello Bird whether it was designing graphics for my website or a logo for a client. Yello Bird helped me get the job done. "

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